How to Contact John T. Unger

Because I value impeccable customer service, I respond to all calls and emails myself. When you call or email the studio, you will be speaking with the artist, not with a representative. I do my best to be available and accessible, but due to the number of inquiries, some methods of contacting me are better than others.

To make sure you get the attention you deserve please choose the method below that most closely fits both our needs.

Basic facts are easily found:

I’ve collected all the most frequently asked questions and answers on my FAQ page here. Please check to see if your question has already been answered.

If you have a question about the size, materials or options for a specific design you will find that info on the page where the item is listed for sale.

If you have questions about a specific item, please use the actual title of the artwork in your question (ie: “Big Bowl O’ Zen” rather than “large simple bowl.”) There are over 1000 pieces of art on my site altogether and many are similar. I can provide better answers when I know exactly which item you’re asking about.

Is your question complicated? Call me!

My mobile number is 231.584.2710. If you have multiple questions, or if your question requires bouncing ideas back and forth, the phone is much quicker and easier than email.

If you reach my voicemail, please do leave a voicemail and I’ll get back to you quickly. I only return calls if there is a message telling me who called, so I know who to ask for. It’s helpful if you can repeat your name and phone number at the end when leaving a message.

Email is my calendar and memory

For requests that involve scheduling (such as projects, commissions, interviews or speaking engagements) please use email. Email is also the best way to send me details that require long term memory. I typically interact with hundreds of people each month so details can get dropped if they’re not in writing.

I reply to every e-mail as quickly as possible, usually within hours. If an answer to your e-mail requires a good deal of thought, it may take me longer to get back to you.

Please note: I reply to all emails and try to answer questions as fully as possible. Due to volume of inquiries I do not follow up further unless you respond to request more info.

You must provide a working email address if you desire a reply. My contact form doesn’t know your email address unless you provide it. Fields with a * are required.

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