Firebowls and fire feature designs for hotels restaurants hospitality

Firebowls Fit for a Castle in the Hamptons

For his La La Land Record Release Party last summer, philanthropist and pop star Sir Ivan Wilzig installed two Great Bowl O' Fire Sculptural Firebowls™ flanking the pool of his 13,000 square-foot castle known as the "Playboy mansion of the East." The event has been...

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Firebowls warm the Stars at Cannes International Film Festival

Last night my firebowls warmed the stars at the Cannes Film Festival. It was a cold, rainy evening for an outdoor seaside party, so I'm sure the firebowls were appreciated. Calvin Klein purchased SIX Big Bowl O' Zen Sculptural Firebowls™ for the company's annual Women in...

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Fountain with Font O’ Fire Firebowl at Glenn Hotel in Atlanta

The Font O' Fire Sculptural Firebowl™ is aptly named as it has become the centerpiece of several fountains in top notch hospitality environments. Brian Sweeney created a Japanese inspired fountain for the Glenn Hotel in Downtown Atlanta using my 24" Font O' Fire firepit. The...

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Waves O’ Fire Firebowl at Onyx Nightclub in Columbus, OH

The Waves O' Fire Sculptural Firebowl™ at Onyx was only one of the club's many outdoor amenities. I never had a chance to visit Onyx before its recent closure, but from all accounts it was quite the operation! A review of Onyx on Columbus Alive portrays...

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Font O Fire Firebowl as fountain centerpiece at BluEmber

The plaza fountain at BluEmber Restaurant in Rancho Mirage, CA was one of the first to incorporate my firebowls. A Font O' Fire Sculptural Firebowl™ is the centerpiece of the multi-level masonry fountain. At night, the fire fountain provides lighting and ambiance, by day it...

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Waves O’ Fire Firebowl on My Yard Goes Disney

Usually my firebowls appear on TV without me. I ship them to the set and only see the show much later. For the Surf's Up with the Greens episode of My Yard Goes Disney JayTV sent Rich Brauer out to the studio to film me...

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Big Bowl O Zen at Nada Restaurant in Cincinnati

  On the drive down to SXSW this year we decided to take a few days extra and enjoy the trip, stopping to photograph some of the more awesome Firebowl installations that were (sort of) on the way. The first stop was Nada, a stylish purveyor of...

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Meridian Sculptural Firebowl at Allure Waikiki

Photo Credit: Eric Staudenmaier. The largest firebowl I've done to date is the 53 inch diameter Meridian Sculptural Firebowl™ installed on the 6th floor pool deck at Allure Waikiki. I absolutely love the above photo by Eric Staudenmaier and how it captures the glow of the...

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