Compass Rose Sculptural Firebowl
The Compass Rose Sculptural Firebowl™

The Compass Rose features four layers of relief sculpture— The bowl itself, two layers of cut steel star designs, and hand made "clavos" (decorative bolts). The compass letters are cut out of the bowl so ire can show through them and so they will also...

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Custom Torches Adorn a Stone Moon Gate in Maryland

Patrick and Ann in Maryland own one of my very rare 52 inch Great Bowl O' Fire Sculptural Firebowls™. But they also have something that no one else has as yet— custom Prometheus Torches that are not only plumbed for gas, but can be turned...

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Eternal Flame Sculpture in a Yoga Labyrinth

I'm always excited to see where my art winds up, but I especially like when it finds a place where it brings meaning to it's new home. Rhett ordered an Eternal Flame Sculpture as a present for his girlfriend's birthday which became the centerpiece of...

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Firebowls Fit for a Castle in the Hamptons

For his La La Land Record Release Party last summer, philanthropist and pop star Sir Ivan Wilzig installed two Great Bowl O' Fire Sculptural Firebowls™ flanking the pool of his 13,000 square-foot castle known as the "Playboy mansion of the East." The event has been...

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Firebowls warm the Stars at Cannes International Film Festival

Last night my firebowls warmed the stars at the Cannes Film Festival. It was a cold, rainy evening for an outdoor seaside party, so I'm sure the firebowls were appreciated. Calvin Klein purchased SIX Big Bowl O' Zen Sculptural Firebowls™ for the company's annual Women in...

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