Abstract Modernist Grates From Scrap

Abstract Modernist Grates From Scrap

There’s nothing that pleases me more than making something really refined from scrap— I bought 8 of these cut-out panels last summer thinking they would work well for “instant” fence sections, but I never got around to using them until last week. Actually, that’s not quite true… I’ve been using two of them as a removable work surface on my welding table ever since I cut up the old work surface to make a sculpture for the Cycling Salamander Gallery. Heh.



Img_4680    Grate    2grates


Anyway, sometimes the design process is really fortuitous… I was working on something else and happened to set a square frame down on the work surface a little off center. One quick double-take later, I was cutting up one of the panels to make these two matching grates. They would work well for a number of applications: security grates for a (small) window, fence elements, doors for a cabinet, etc. The frames are also industrial scrap, so both are 100% recycle/reuse pieces. These two grates each measure 20″ by 20.75″ and can be drilled or fitted with extensions for use as window grates.

I Still have about a half dozen of the panels these were cut from, and would be more than happy to use them to make panels to fit any size under 42″ high by 24″ wide.

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